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To be really fucked up on booze or drugs. "Torqued up" is also acceptable.
1: Mind if I crash on your couch? I'm way too torqued to drive.
2: That idiot came in here all torqued on blow actin' the fool and shit. We had to beat his ass!
door A.C. Sativa 28 mei 2013
66 15
Absolutely turned on; As hard/bonerized as physically possible.
She's so hot... I'm fully torqued right now.
door chadioo 13 april 2013
39 5
Angry, mad, upset
also Corked
I have to stay after school, I am so torqued!
door FrenchFry 22 mei 2004
114 98
as drunk as possible.

(often in combination with xanax and/or fishing and/or driving a van).
"whats up brohamsky?"

"I'm getting tortally torqued brah. you should come over."
door pseudonymguy 22 juli 2010
56 63
getting your ass handed to you by a superior in the military. Involves physical punishment that only the hardest of people can actually do. Can also be a phycological punishment.
1. Man master corperal really torqued us with the rucksack march.
2. I was perfect that inspection, he only threw my kit around to torque me.
door babyg296 13 februari 2010
46 61
Very drunk.
Last night we got really torqued.
door Beastie 21 september 2003
81 97
Adj. Something or someone that is both hard and artsy. A state of being.
This rave in an abandoned warehouse is so torqued
door Whoiswizard 19 juli 2011
32 49