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An amazing person that is good at everything and anything. (Usually close to perfection and full of energy or hyper)
Haha, that tess is amazing.
door brbtertnt 23 november 2007
the coolest living person on the planet.
wow she is so bacon
"i love tess, shes so sick"
door tess.. duh 17 september 2008
great chick one of the best keeps her mind out out of her ass unlike most girls i know

awsome, hot assed, talks like a sailor/13 yr old boy,hot angel, stacked,swings back,flirty,plus sized(you wouldn't notice though), throws a good punch, great smile, acts good(is better in bed), knows what shes doing,smart,polite(seriously), dirty mind(dirtier actions),great boobs,did i mention HOT-ASSED????
dude:"wow TESS is such a nun, shes so quiet and smart"
guy:"uh you've never met her have you?"
dude:"ya we did a chem. project together, she kept saying stuff about the size of your hands and how good i was at chem. asked me almost constantly how to work different things"
guy:"how stupid are you?!!? o wait she talked about the size of MY hands?! no wonder shes been flirting with me!!! i think ill return the favor, she has a nice rack"
dude:"you say that like i hadnt noticed;)"
door 10 maart 2010
Tess is the girl next door. She's fun, quirky and so loveable. She's the girl you'd take home to your parents. She's the girl all the guys wish their girlfriends were. Tess is a goddess with long blonde curly hair, a great rack and the perfect body to match. Tess is like sunshine, she brightens up your day as soon as you see her. Tess has a hidden talent in her singing voice and instrument playing abilities. She has the potential to be famous but she would rather be having a laugh with her friends. Tess is one of the funniest people you will ever come across, she always knows how to have a good time and is usually the life of the party. Tess has big hopes and dreams to marry her prince charming and live either in the country or on the beach. All in all Tess is a beauty and boys if you find her, hold onto her.
"Wow, Tess brightens up my day every time she walks into the room"
door james fordordordord 29 september 2011
The coolest person E.V.E.R. Tesses are random and hyper and good at everything. They can walk the walk and talk the talk. Everyone wants to know Tess and be her friend. Shes really funny. She is actually pretty smart but comes across as being dumb becuase shes a little ditzy. She has poor common sense but good morals. She makes no sense sometimes. She can be a little forgetful but can make it up in bed. Shes incredible in bed and knows how to satisfy. Shes not a slut but isnt afraid to give you what you want.
Guy: "OMG did you see that girl run out into the middle of the street to pick up a pennt?"
other guy: "Yeah she was such a Tess"
Guy: "That was so awesome. I want to bang her"
other guy: "OMG me too...again!!!"
door Awesome turtle 2 mei 2011
an incredibly nice girl who's been through alot. she's funny, smart, and beautiful, but really modest. she always put others before herself and is nice to everyone. shit happened to her, but she got through it. the best person in the world.
dude 1: damn she's amazing.
dude 2: i think you've got yourself a tess, bro. lucky.
door the DARKSiDE 20 mei 2012
Tess is the sweetest person ever! She is nice, sweet, but shy when you first meet her. She is quiet, but talks a lot. She is really oblivious to almost everything going on around her. Otherwise, she is almost perfect besides that! She plays so many sports, she is so pretty, and so sweet. You have to love Tess.
Me: hey, look there is a huge plane flying by!
Friend: Where?
Me: Are you serious? Like right above you!
Friend: Oh, I see it.
Me: Man, you just pulled a Tess.
Friend: Haha, yep, i totally did.
door Andrew McAth 27 november 2011
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