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The Southeast quadrant of Washington, DC. A place of decent homes and rampad crime. A place where you can purchase weed and get a head job all for under $50.

See "Soufeast".
Yo, I am going to Soufeast to pick me up some weed.

See "Soufeast".
door 12 Gauge to the Membrane 30 december 2003
98 21
The worst area of any city, anywhere.
I live in southeast.

door Angelacia 20 juni 2007
65 16
The Crunkiest, Hardiest, and Most Lethal side of Houston, Texas. It is mostly populated with Mexicans. Crips run the South East, but dont mind the SLOBS, cuzz they aint about shit.
The South East is holdin it down in Houston, Texas.
door Julian 29 november 2004
49 40
Between South and East, diametrically opposite North West on a compass.
Camper 1: Dude, we're so heading Southeast!
Camper 2: Rock on!
door Sir H4x 18 mei 2003
24 18