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The practice of inserting plastic or metal 'sounds' (long thin and very smooth objects) into yours or someone elses uretha. Ultimately leads to streching of the uretha so that larger objects (such as a finger) can be inserted in the penis.
Bob had sounded himself so much his girlfriend could shove a tampax IN his cock.
door Skewy 7 maart 2003
1874 362
To sound horrible
Have you heard her sing? She is SOUNDING!
door JoshYouWha 30 mei 2012
84 226
Verbal duel involving insults to the players' mothers, in response to which they must not lose their cool. Also, the dozens
Yo mama's like a police station. Little dicks running in an' out. Sound!
door cornholio 18 oktober 2003
179 566
A good song/ beat is sounding.
yo min that song was sounding!
door Kile 8 april 2003
79 529