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(Shit - Axe) The overwhelming, sense-attacking, smell that results from a rapid fire farting session, involving two or more males, which is then attempted to be covered up by spraying an inappropriately large amount of Axe spray deoderant.
Nick, after spraying Axe to cover up a recent farting session, realized only too late that no good would come of it... only the terrible Shax smell.
door Nick 27 februari 2005
20 11
A spirit from the Goetia. (One of 72 infernal spirits originally contained by King Solomon in a bronze vessel.)
"When you call on Shax, be sure to wear his sigil!"
door Thomas W 29 november 2007
7 4
another word for shit or taking a shit
i have to shax or
shax man
door jamesXT 10 september 2006
12 11
1.(n): A derivative form of the word "shit", originating from the glorious Galen, a.k.a. Heap-master Gebbs.
"Shax, the mitochondrian philanthropods are coming."
door danjerus 5 december 2004
13 13