A legendary underground computer hacker and programmer famed for his virtuoso talent and luscious ginger locks.
<luser> S.n.a.f.u. 0wn3d my network :(
door eyedeetentee 10 mei 2008
A mistake, or error.

"I may have made a schedule snafu, looks like I have overlapping meetings on Thursday."
door MissMouse 19 oktober 2008
Situation Normal All Fucked Up
We had a little ticket snafu
door Jon K 28 juni 2003
Situation normal, all fucked up; Often used by the US armed forces.
cheif, we have a snafu!
door Jiub 24 mei 2003
Old WWII Army term. Until the recent (last ten years or so) resurgence of fubar, was the only one anyone remembered.
door Brian X 3 mei 2003
situation normal all fucked up
hey Bud looks like a snafu again in the white house
door terafirma 26 september 2005
Situation normal: all fucked up!
This is a snafued situation.
door Dustin M 20 mei 2005

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