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Rashans tend to be pretty fricken' awesome. They're extremely talented, intelligent and goodlooking'.

They treat the women they care about like they're Queen, but if you get on their bad side, they'll destroy you. They have zero tolerance for bullshit, especially bullshit from females.

Rashans are really protective over their friends, and if you hurt them, they'll destroy you.

They're amazing bestfriends, although that spot is usually taken by someone special to them.

They tend to get along with girls better than guys, and get a lot of attention from women but they usually ignore it.

They're mommy's boys and proud of it.

Rashans usually go for the girls with boyfriends, because they like challenges, but if they really care about her, they wouldn't want to get in between her and her man, even though they know they'd treat her better than he can; like Trey Songz.

For this reason Rashans end up screwing around with one of the gorgeous blondes that comes their way, then another, and another, until they're considered a whore.

Regardless if he hasn't met her yet or has known her for years, she'll wake up one day and realize how stupid she was for letting him pass her by.

In the end, Rashans always get what they want; they always get their way, that amazing girl that's been there all along included.
Random Girl: Hey! You play really well, is your name Rashan?

Rashan: Yes, yes it is
door crazymaine 29 juni 2010
1. To use various excuses whether truthful or not to get away with, or out of something. verb

2. Pretaining to or describing a man of great beauty, brains, and brawn. Also described as the perfect boyfriend due to the loving nature and overall personality of a Rashan. Described also as being very relaxed and seemingly care-free.
Dude1:"Wow dude where is Bobby at?"

Dude2:"He couldn't come he totally pulled a rashan on us."
door drizzydee 29 juni 2010
Absolutely the biggest asshole in pokken tournament. And also the blindest muthafucka in all the 27 realms of the baughtyness. Also a person with the most annoying and condescending laugh.
Person 1: Yo you know rashan?

Person 2: yeah, he's an asshole in pokken and blind as fuck.
door Baughty reese 18 juni 2016
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