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The period of time when one is past the tired stage and is now very quirky/loopy/queer. Strange/silly activities may take place during this period including but not limited to singing about beavers, eating peanut butter by the spoonful, and making whale noises while listening to peaceful instrumentals. Now on occasion this period of time can turn negative when the one experiencing the delusions is upset and/or uncomfortable with someone or something. When this is the case there may be hazards and said person may be found spitting words with venomous tone, shutting the power off in the house, and/or sharpening knives. No one has ever been hurt by someone in this state but many have been engulfed in fear. Usually the person falls asleep after time. But when the person awakes they do not remember the occurences.
Anna- Go to SLEEP!
Sean- (While strumming guitar) MAMA! Why am I a beaver!
Anna- I swear if you don't go to bed....
Roger- Just ignore him, he is experiencing Peanut Butter Time...
Anna- Where did he go?
Roger- Lock the door...
door gooseberrysupreme 18 juni 2011
The act of laying on a recliner with your legs spread wide apart. Then dig your hand into a container of peanut butter. Spread that handful all over your scotum covering the entire base. It is also a good idea to put some on the tip of your dick. Then call your dag and or cat in and let them lick it off your scrotum.
Joao grabbed the Jiff peanut butter and loudly proclaimed so his dog could hear "Its peanut butter time."
door phillip39 14 april 2010
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