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Palringo, AKA Pal, is an online message software. You meet friends, send nudes, and even share a laugh once in a while. It is highly addictive and once you join you'll soon be on for hours. Those hours will turn to days and you'll start to lose sleep. Once you're on for days without sleep you start to see things like shrimps. Palringo is even in your dreams.
death Palringo, yo
door Zoe, the pancak servant. 2 augustus 2013
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An app or a website (if your on pc) where you chat with random people over the internet. But Beware for.....

1. Pervs (Most are arabs and/or level 3 and under non-premium if you're lucky you'll meet one who's not like that)

2. People aren't who they say

3. Hypocritical groups- Groups that say NO ADS, yet how the hell did they make there groups popular, well they had to AD (p.m a link to a user is giving an ad, even if a user gave you permission to). It's like your saying they thought of a name of group in the back of there heads O_o

4. Agents in porn groups, yet they tell us not violate TOS on palringo

5. Guys/Girls who want a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship over pal, (Excluding: If you have boyfriend/girlfriend who lives in your town or not far from your town, and you know them face to face and your just talking to them over palringo that's fine :) )

6. Guys, I feel ashame because I'm a guy too myself and yet they want pics asking girls over p.m, Those guys will keep p.ming for pics for you girls out there just 1. Block contact or 2. Change your gender to male. Those guys have no respect

7. Older guys asking young women to sext over palringo

Otherwise that enjoy palringo ;) *sarcasm*
1-7. Just go on Palringo like usual and you have your example
door Nightskai6 26 augustus 2013

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