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An over rated boy band that musically oblivious teenage girls seem to be obsessed with for some unknown reason. They have decent voices but terrible hair and all look like they're about 14.
Musically oblivious teenage girl- omg don't you love one direction? omg they're so hot.

Normal person- you're an idiot.
door flyknowsall 10 januari 2012
5 homosexuals destroying lives around the world
one direction have gay sex all night
door 69withharry 29 april 2012
A boy band filled with 5 flaming homosexuals. Louis and Harry are insanely in love since they met in a bathroom at the X factor where they participated with Liam, Zayn and Niall. Zayn and Liam are also in love. While Niall is still looking for the one
Larry Stylinson from One Direction are so in love it's obvious.
door A girl in love with 5 gays 11 juni 2013
One direction are a english boy band created in the 10th series of X-factor. Yes, they are hot, and yes, they have semi-decent singing voices. But it's the fans that make them so easy to hate. They are not 'the best band ever'.. they are barely even a band. They are just puppets to be honest, and i fail to understand why they are so famous.
A: Have you heard of one direction? I loveee harry omg they are the best band ever better then the beatles omg
B: Have I bitch? They are all over the fucking web /punch
door Normal teenager 17 maart 2012
Five flaming homosexuals that have millions of girls fall in love when them everyday. If you join the fandom, it is nearly impossible to leave it. You are usually constantly talking about them once you're a directioner.
Me; I'm in love with One Direction.
Friend; I know, you never stop talking about them.
door Kayla Whoran 14 november 2012
One Direction are a large boy band in the UK and around the world. It consists of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. One band, One dream = One Direction. One Direction's fans are called 'Directioners!' They have the deadliest fanbase ever.

They boy's appeared on the show X Factor and became the 3rd finalist.

One Direction are sex gods, they have amazing talent.
Person 1: Have you heard One Direction's latest song?

Person 2: OMG, I so have they are like sex gods.

Person 1: I know right, can they get any hotter?

Person 2: I think not;D
door DirectionerForever. 26 december 2011
The best band throughout the entire world! Made up of 5 incredibly gorgeus boys who have amazing humour and banter (Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan & Zayn Malik"
As a matter of fact the 5 boys are so damn sexy that the world may well end because we can't handle they're sexiness and amazing voices.
Directioner: "OMG! It's One Direction!!! THEY'RE SO FUCKIN SEXY! fkjwf qdhvbeuv i think i might die..."
door ThisIsDirectioner 11 december 2011