The most underrated state in the nation. Short drive to the city, to the shore and to the mountains. Massachusetts winos' savior on Sunday. Massachusetts whinos' savior around Christmas.
I love New Hampshire.
door Brett 7 maart 2005
Top Definition
Beautiful place. You can actually see and feel all 4 seasons. If you have a preference for the fall weather, this is the place to be. Extremely down to earth and friendly people. No sales or income tax means very helpful to your bank accounts, especially with a good job! Very clean and lots of outdoors activities! Arts and entertainment has plenty to offer, though a bit on the small-scale side, even for a small area. Plenty of bars and pubs, and one or two good clubs (only in Manchester). Now the bad: the only knock to NH is when it comes to initial dating and that aspect of social life...the women here are absolutely ridiculous! I've travelled all across America and have never encountered such unfounded drama or stupidity. Imagine how high school was, and add maturity (but nothing else). And all that is just for trying to get that first date!! However, as the natives told me how they cope with it, the saving grace is that Maine and Massachussetts are nearby. I tell you, it IS a huge difference, but it's a damn shame for all there is to offer here...skiing, white-water rafting, Southern New Hampshire still has a "small big city" vibe, etc. Oh, and they know how to drink.
Some of the most fun cities of New Hampshire include Manchester, Portsmouth, Dover, and Nashua.
door TravellerNY 20 november 2005
Ok I dunno who keeps posting that NH sucks but they can't be more wrong. It's a beautiful state that offers beaches, mountains, and Boston all within 45 min. You get the best of all 4 seasons, fall is the best with the gorgeous foliage. We were one of the original colonies and the first to vote in the primaries and people from outside of New England don't even know we exist, nevermind give us credit for anything. We have no sales tax and the only bad thing is that all the Massholes come up to shop here, but it's ok cuz we get their money.
Chill people, lots of weed... snowboardin, skatin, beaches...
door Ashcheeks 1 mei 2005
Contrary to popular belief, New Hampshire is not even HALF Hicks and Hillbillies. New Hampshire is beautiful in the Fall, hot in the Summer, snowy in the Winter, and great in the Spring. My Home state, and rated one of the best places to live. Southern New Hampshire is just like any other other suburban/rural area, with small towns. Some beautiful neigborhoods, especially in Windham. 40 minutes to bustling Boston, the pride of living here. Great for escape vacations. Very peaceful in comparison to places like Southern California and the crime-ridden streets of Detroit. The Rebel State; many things are legal here that aren't in other states.
Jon: I live in New Hampshire!
Eric: Damn, you're so lucky!
Jon: I know! Just last night while riding my motorcycle without a helmet I bought fireworks from a convience store. They were cheap 'cause they had NO TAX. Oh, I also bought booze from that same store too, not a packie.
door GameBoy3008 14 september 2005
A state in the northeast of the United States. States that border it include Maine (the colder, more lobstery New Hampshire), Vermont (New Hampshire's evil twin), and Massachusetts (an inferior, square-ish version of New Hampshire). These states are all a part of "New England" and were some of the first states to become colonies.

According to American legend, New Hampshire surfaces from the depths of the ocean every four years at election time, when it is then paid an inordinate amount of attention for two-to-four weeks before sinking back into the murky, mystical land of Libertaria. At the primaries, often as much as sixty percent of New Hampshirites show up to vote.

It is an un-diverse state with its ethnic population growing to as much as -1,000,000% in the past four years. New Hampshire parents tell their children that if they capture an ethnic minority he will grant them three wishes and then disappear.

It is known as "the Granite State," though Vermont actually possesses more granite in its soil than New Hampshire. Some New Hampshire icons include moose, lobster, maple tree leaves, and the late Old Man of the Mountain (a face-like protrusion from rockface locate at "the Notch"; this natural formation was lost to the state shortly after being printed on all New Hampshire license plates and the New Hampshire quarter, when the thing finally fell off the damn mountain).

Much of New Hampshire is agricultural and poorly-populated. Some almost-well-known cities, however, include Manchester (Manch Vegas), Nashua (Nausea), and Concord as the state capitol.

Though New Hampshire is thought of as a backwards-ass hickstate and is known to be fiscally conservative, the state is surprisingly socially liberal. As of January 2008, same-sex civil unions are now permitted. Lesser known than this, the state is actually home to some trailblazing legislature in the areas of mental health and domestic violence.

New Hampshire is a strongly libertarian state and even has a libertarian party. Close to fifty percent of voters are registered independent.

Arguably the most interesting thing about the state to those who move there is a lack of zoning laws. Laconia, NH is a particularly remarkable city where even fastfood chains can own lakefront property. In other parts of the state, one can easily observe mobile homes directly next to mansions.

New Hampshirites have esteem for only one-to-three other states, varying with the occasion and context. These states are Maine (often held in high esteem for its relative northness), Vermont (occasionally held in esteem for its New Hampshirey qualities), and Minnesota (sometimes held in esteem for its epic coldness). Visitors from Massachusetts often receive only disdain from New Hampshire natives, who insist that those from Mass (often called "Massholes") only visit so they can buy New Hampshire's relatively cheap vices (liquor, lottery tickets, tobacco), drive like crap all over New Hampshire's roads, and ski like crap all down New Hampshire's mountains.

New Hampshirites are a proud people whose motto is to "live free or die." With no seatbelt or helmet laws over age eighteen, some make the case that the state motto ought to be "live free AND die."
"Let's get some maple syrup and New Hampshah it up in heah!"
Translation: "Let's get some maple syrup and New Hampshire it up in here!"
door Cyrano de Bergerac 21 januari 2008
A place where people from mass come to get lost in our mountains which have very clearly marked trails and then have the state of New Hampshire pay to rescue them.
Where have you been?

I got lost in those fackin New Hampshire mountains, i am such a moron.
door TheRadish1 30 maart 2009
The best state to live in. People are down to earth, normal, and know how to drink beer. With a 45 min drive to boston and Manch Vegas one can never get bored of this senic state. Go to the beach, moutains, and the city all in one day. Add in some fall and some wicked nice summers and you couldnt ask for anything more.
State Moto: Drink beers and fish, Live free or die
door Bri Guy 2 juni 2005
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