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Abbreviation for 'New Jersey Douchebag.' A typical NJDB is very cocky and can often be identified as the fag dressed like a frat boy flooring their sporty car with an automatic transmission from stop light to stop light (God forbid they actually learn how to drive a manual). When NJDBs aren't displaying typical New Jersey driving behavior, they can often be found polluting the campuses and downtown settings of universities in states adjacent to New Jersey with their chav-like homosexuality. NJDBs have a reputation for maintaining the dropout rates of the universities they attend as they elect to “chill with the bros” and get drunk or high rather than doing even a sliver of schoolwork; they are drawn to frat parties like mosquitoes to bug zappers.
John: There are a bunch of drunk NJDBs at Canyon Pizza.
Steve: That’s disgusting! Let’s go to sbarro instead.

A damn NJDB in a Mustang ran a red light and almost hit me when I was crossing College Avenue yesterday.
door The Hoovster 12 mei 2009
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