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A mis-spelling of the legendary music icon " Michael Jackson ". (Hard to believe that folks don’t know how to spell the name of one of the most famous and successful pop-stars of the last 50 years.)

Although he was performing with his brothers from the age of 5, his album Thriller, recorded when he was in his twenties, was the cornerstone of his career, and still remains the biggest selling music album of all time, with sales estimated at around 140million to date. His influence on modern popular music and dance is immeasurable. During the Motown 25 Anniversary special in 1983, he astounded the audience with his performance of Billie Jean which gave birth to his signature move the "moonwalk" and established him as one of the most amazing and electrifying dancers in the world.

He received many accolades including 17 Grammys, 26 World Music Awards , 23 entries in the Guiness Book of World Records, 6 Brit awards and numerous awards in recognition of his humanitarian efforts and charitable donations.

His sudden death on 25 June 2009, aged just 50, shocked the world, but his musical legacy lives on – forever The King of Pop.
Micheal Jackson is the King of Pop, the most successful recording artist of all time, and a legendary dancer.

Michael Jackson King of Pop Moonwalk Jackson 5
door Chatter-box 4 februari 2012
The one and only King of Pop. Will always be a legend to millions of people across the world. Incredibly successful and unbelievably talented.
Wow the guy really is a Micheal Jackson.
door Lovett123 27 juni 2009
The common misspelling of Michael Jackson
"... It's Michael you twat."
door iHugTrees 11 maart 2010
~ 1. Angel - a True Angel from heavens who is sent as a gift for all mankind.
~ 2. The King - The powerful, magical King of NeverLand who could really Heal The World, if only they let him.
~ 3. Peter Pan - A true child at His heart who simply has maintained His innocence and purity.
~ 4. A misunderstood one - that is caused by ignorance of people and evil soul of Media.
~ 5. The Best Entertainer who had ever lived in the entire universe - The most successful Singer, Greatest Dancer, Awesome Performer.
~ 6. A RICH man who is SO handsome and that has made MANY, MANY, MANY PEOPLE GROW JEALOUS ABOUT HIM.
~ 7. The Kindest one in the whole world who His love and care for children are so sweet and simple and His mind is so clean.
~ 8. Someone who is found annoying just because He can't be a a usual like all the boring ordinary people and His difference had made him greater than other people. And those who are so closed-minded, can't cope with him just because he is different compared to them.
~ 9. Someone who will always have enemies since he is too hard to be understood because what he does is greater than human's mind.
~ 10. A "NOT GUILTY" ACCUSED MAN WHO IS 100% MORE... INNOCEN and if he is Guilty, he is JUST guilty of being too kind, caring and compassinate for chidlren and people that is too hard for some to comprehend.
~ 11. Someone who is caring the burden of our sins and faults.
~ 12. Someone who looks so lovely and sweet and his love, magic, innocence, beauty, grace, divinity, glory, elegance, gorgeousness, loveliness and majestic is awesomely true.
it's MICHAEL JACKSON NOT Micheal Jackson
door AsLonelyAsAngelMichael. 23 augustus 2006
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