Top Definition
Verb: Manshout
Noun: Manshout
Adj: Manshouting, Manshouted

Manshouting is when a man with needs finally satisfies those needs after a long period of going without, has a need to show his masculinity or a combination of the two. He fills his lungs to capacity and releases an almost gorilla like roar or combines the sound with words, this would be used only to say useless or unnecessary statements typically at akward moments. For example, at a funeral In the middle of the silent moment you release a Manshout and say something to the effect of, "fishing makes me horny!!!" Fishing to establish masculinity by declaring yourself a sportsman and the sexual reference is there because of the newly established malehood.

Manshouting can however be useful such as Manshouting to your visiting Great Aunt Mildred when she opens the door to your room without knocking and your watching porn, to get the fuck out before you snap her hip with a 2 x 4. Again, establishing a male dominance by using lumber purchased at the hardware store as a weapon to establish control through violence by disintegrating her already calcium deprived hip bone.
A) Man 1: "Dude, it's 2:00am. Who's using a jackhammer outside???"

Man 2: "That's not a jackhammer, that's my neighbor drilling his wife's snatch and Manshouting that tomorrow he has to goto the hardware store to buy a tool belt and table saw."
door Adameze 29 mei 2012
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