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Geek/netslang for Member Of The Appropriate Sex.
Most people who regularly use the term "MOTAS" are less than successful in their attempts to pick up a MOTAS.
door steev 5 oktober 2005
49 13
(The Mystery Of Time And Space)a popular online graphic adventure game created by Jan Albartus.
MOTAS is a hard game.
door hudeanie50 13 maart 2008
17 7
acronym for Morally Obligated To Attend, used to describe event you don't want to attend but must, typically due to family or sometimes friends; variation on party pressure
I don't want to attend my cousin's baby shower, but I'm M.O.T.A.
door laffer 2 februari 2012
0 0
nickname for Thomas derived by swapping the first letter of each syllable and dropping the "h".
you see Thomas and say, "Why hello Motas."
door motas 5 juli 2009
3 10
The spanish term used to describe ganja.
donde esta le motas? que?.....

door Jmoney4376800 15 mei 2006
7 16