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A town in Bedforshire that is a shit hole full of druggies and dealers. police dont do nothing and your likely to get robbed or stabbed if your alone at night. In the morning full of the old people who rush to the shops then hurry home but most likely get jumped.In the evening all the youths come and bun weed and cause havoc.Stay away from Luton, Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable.
true story:man from a village(suburb of leighton buzzard) came for a night out and he got killed in one punch in leighton high street.
door pondis 29 augustus 2010
47 32
A stupid (lay), fat (ton), girl (buzzard=bird). Such creatures may be observed on a saturday night in Bedfordshire
Check that biatch, she one serious leighton buzzard
door Kesyer 24 oktober 2008
24 24