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A sticky purple or red substance found on a child's hand as a result of being a little kid. Often found on the back of DVD's, CD's, or any other valuables.
Get your jelly fingers off of my stuff!
door Dookadookydoo 11 april 2006
38 9
The sexual act of surprising your partner by making your finger limp and wiggly, like that of the jelly inside of a donut, and forcefully inserting it into his or her rectum.
I suprised that skank when i gave her the ole jelly finger.
door Jelly Wiener 11 november 2009
4 2
To wobble one's finger savagely in close proximity to another's 'butthamper'
'I jellyfingered your butthamper'
'...no you didn't'
door Chris-Piano 15 mei 2006
9 7