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Hover hand usually takes place in photos at conventions when a nervous nerdy guy is posing with an attractive female actress or model. They usually rap their arm around the chicks back and have their hand hover over the females shoulder or waist, afraid to touch them.
Jeff: Hey Drew! Check this picture, bro! This dude has his hand barely touching this super hot chick's waist like a creep. Why doesn't the he just touch her?

Drew: HAHA! What a small dick, faggot. I hate people who hover hand. I'd put my whole hand around her waist and have my thumb damn near hanging on on the rim of her jeans.
door markercap 5 november 2010
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Transitive verb, alternative spelling (inf.): "hoover hand"

When a hand, instead of resting on individuals side, upper arm or shoulder, magically hovers above said persons limb or other part of body when performing an embracing manner or gesture, signalling insecurity in the person doing the hand hover.

The infamous hover hand is, when seen, often put in practice by humans of the male gender with unfavourable appearances and lack of confidence, while posing for a photograph with female or females with favourable to very favourable appearance characteristics, in particular around the models on fairs and expos utilized to market a product or phenomena.
"Jim was insecure around women, a wuss, often seen hover handing in photographs."

"Dude, let's go to comicon and see the unlaid nerds perform the hover hand on hotties dressed up as Nintendo-characters and other made up human and anthropomorphic depictions!"

"To hover or to hoover, that is not the appropriate question" - Sheikh Abdhull IV
door HannesFury 23 januari 2011
When a dude awkwardly has his arm around a girl, but doesn't actually touch her. Rather, he hovers his hand over her shoulder region.
Man, Ricky is such a fat awkward fuck. Look at him hoverhanding that girl.
door xsni 3 december 2010
Hover Hands is the term given to the physical gesture when someone (generally a young male) pretends to be putting his arms around the shoulder or hips of a woman.
Hey, did you see how Bob had his Hover Hands over that car show model's waist?
door 6 december 2010
A pathetic or defensive measure nerds with social problems take to avoid being thrown out of a convention for being a creeper. Due to their lack of experience with women and an outright paranoia of security throwing him out. The Hover Hand Technique is like a photo version of a thigh job. You are less likely to get thrown out of a con that way than if you actually held on to the girl and the girl cries sexual harassment.
Joe was at an anime convention with his friend Dan, while Dan was an atypical nerd with relatively good looks, Joe was anything but charming and had concerns about taking photos with a cute maid cosplay. While Dan went straight in for the kill with one photo having him grab the girl by her hip and later made a kissing face on her cheek. Joe was happy to hover hand over the same girl.

Dan wasn't so lucky when the manager of the maid group threw his ass out of the con. Dan went off to get drinks at the bar where he can be at home with his kind of people whereas Joe remain in the con.
door Linguo Dude 4 juli 2013
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