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A fast food restaurant mentioned in the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle where Rosenberg and Goldstein go on their seperate quest going to Hot Dog Heaven while they almost crash into Harold and Kumar's car. Later in the movie, Harold and Kumar give up looking for White Castle until they see Rosenberg and Goldstein eating inside Hot Dog Heaven, which gives Harold the will to go on with their journey.
Rosenberg: "We got the munchies so we decided to go to Hot Dog Heaven! How about you? How was White Castle?"
Harold: "We haven't gotten there yet... I think I may have rabies."

Kumar: "Yo dude, how were Katie Holmes' tits?"
Goldstein: "You know the Holocaust?"
Kumar: "Yeah?"
Goldstein: "Picture the exact opposite of that."
Kumar: "Nice!"
*Goldstein laughs*
Rosenberg: "Boy do you need a girl..."

Kumar: "Hey guys, if you got the yellow fever there's a rockin' asian party down at Princeton."
Goldstein: "Dude I got the yellow plague! There's nothing sexier than a hot asian chick! Asian tits, I wanna squeeze them!"
*Goldstein attempts to grab Harold's breasts*
Harold: "Stop, don't do that, I'm really woozy... I think I have to go to a hospital."
Rosenberg: "You should go to Beth Israel."

Goldstein: "We gotta hit up this asian joint."
Rosenberg: "No we don't! We got to go to Hot Dog Heaven! No more detours along the way, c'mon!"
*they walk off to their car to finish their brave journey*
Kumar: "I'm tellin' you, hit up the asian party!"
door Harold & Kumar 30 mei 2006
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