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Even though asking questions here isn't right, we all got this idea from an OLD "cards.swf" file on the homestarrunner.com server. It's gone now, but when you flipped through a "deck of cards" in it with all the characters and their names, you came upon "The Unguraits" and finally, "Homeschool Winner," the rejected characters.
Homeschool Winner is sick of explaining stuff.
door Homeschool Winner 27 september 2003
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A rejected character of the beloved web cartoon Homestarruner.com, Homeschool Winner is. He was only seen twice, in some old cards and the Dancin' Bubs game. He has a comma on his shirt and a wears a blue shirt. He has no hat, unlike his speculated brother.
"It's the Homeschool Winner! He is not a terrific athlete."
door William Thode 26 juni 2005
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A character on Homestarrunner.com who only makes one appearence in the whole thing. He's in Bubs's Dancing video.
Hey kids, its the Homeschool Winner!Rock on!
door coolpersonyo 28 augustus 2003
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A character who was never made.
Nobody loves the Homeschool Winner. He doesn't share his ice cream with you.
door Yaanu 29 augustus 2003
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An unused character on homestarrunner.com. He is Homestar Runner's brother. Only appeared in a deck of cards (which is no longer on the website) and a game called Dancin' Bubs. Rumor has it that he would have been a Homsar-like character, but Homsar replaced him.
Homeschool Winner would have been a way cooler character than Homsar.
door Anymir 13 februari 2004
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Homeschool Winner is Homestar's little brother. He is skinnier, and a little taller, because he was into books and computers from his wee ages and didn't get out much. He's all into technology and is a nerd. He owns a Dell. He lives a little ways outside of Free Country, and doesn't visit often. He hosts his own e-mails at www.independenthomestar.com forums. He was also the target of an enlightening interview there, too.
I am Homeschool Winner.
door Homeschool Winner 14 september 2003
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From www.homesterrunner.com
Homestar's brother who never became a real character.
No one knows the Homeschool Winner
door Nathan 28 april 2003
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