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Sexual technique. See the example.
From Six feet under (ep. 48):

(Jimmy and Claire in the bed, obviously after quite a good job..)

Jimmy: You know what is's called?
Claire: It has a name?
Jimmy: Grinding the Corn.
Claire: Grinding the Corn? What's the corn?
Jimmy: You know, with like a mortar and pestle. Only you push the pestle against the rim of mortar. Not in the bowl.
Claire: Oh.
door MichalMedved 23 januari 2005
Term for a sexual technique. Picture the action of grinding corn with a mortar and pestle, but grinding along the rim instead of grinding in the bowl. A penis is the mortar and a vagina is the pestle, with her pubic bone (and clitoris) the rim. Heard in an episode of HBO's "Six Feet Under", Original Air Date, 15 August 2004 (Season 4, Episode 9).

Also known as Coital Alignment Technique, a variation on the missionary position in which the man shifts upward just a bit, so his pubic bone stimulates her clitoris while his penis is still entering her vagina. This position provides maximum contact with both the clitoris and the G-spot (of vaginal intercourse).
Claire never experienced an orgasm until Jimmy used "grinding the corn."
door LeighD 14 maart 2008
When fucking a slut a dude does his right proper job if he focuses pressure on the clit, visualizing the clit, being the clit, grinding and bumping it with the crook where his pubic bone meets the base of his cock rather than burning up the inside of the pussy where the bird don't really feel shit anyways. When properly executed The result is orgasmic for the ho.
"Girl, last night after two years of wasting my time that useless piece of shit finally had an A-ha-fucking-moment and started grinding the corn. Girl, I came all over that boy's dick, twice! You'd think he invented the light bulb he was so proud of his shit. It's about fucking time I got mines. Now, if he'd get hisself a job I'd just might have me my fuckin' dream man. Shiiit!."
door representing 19 februari 2007
When you put corn in a woman's vagina and grind it as with a mortar and pestle, except in this case it is her pussy and your cock.

You must be wary that corn doesn't get wedged around the head of your penis as it does in your teeth after you eat it.

By going down on your woman afterwards, it gives a whole new meaning to "creamed corn".
Little did anyone at the thanksgiving table know, but the creamed corn was made by grinding the corn in my girlfriend's twat just earlier.
door scorpionmintred 15 augustus 2004
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