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The most influential global environmental organization. It was founded in 1971 by 12 activists going on a boat up to Alaska to protest nuclear testing. Today it's comprised of approximately 3 million members in 48 countries. The organization works for a renewable, clean energy revolution away from fossil fuels and nuclear power, to sustain our oceans, seafood and whales, to protect our ancient forests, eliminate toxic chemicals, works for chemical security, mitigate climate change and expose environmental criminals and promote sustainable agriculture.

The Greenpeace flag has an ecology symbol on top and a peace sign on the bottom, between which it reads "Greenpeace". The organization has several ships which train and organize activists and citizens around the world and directly confront, document, clean up and stop ecological crime. The Rainbow Warrior II, Rainbow Warrior III, The Esperanza and the Arctic Sunrise.

Greenpeace USA's mission statement:

Greenpeace is the leading independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protests and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.
"Established 40 years ago, Greenpeace is now the world's most powerful NGO." -London Times

"Greenpeace!" "Oi!" "Greenpeace!" "Oi!" "Greenpeace!! Greenpeace!! Greenpeace!!!" "OI! OI! OI!!!" -Send-off chant heard from Greenpeace Frontline office
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door Alyse JT 26 juni 2011
Greenpeace is an independently funded organization that works to protect the environment. We challenge government and industry to halt harmful practices by negotiating solutions, conducting scientific research, introducing clean alternatives, carrying out peaceful acts of civil disobedience and educating and engaging the public.

Greenpeace seeks to:

Protect biodiversity in all its forms;

Prevent pollution of the earth’s oceans, land, air and fresh water;

End all nuclear threats;

Promote peace, global disarmament and non-violence.
Greenpeace will sue us if we keep dumping our toxic waste to the river ¬¬
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door World Decay 17 december 2005
Greenpeace is a non-profit organization that is made up of strong dedicated members. Greenpeace is helping to end whaling, stop nuclear testing, protect Antarctica, stop the clear-cutting of ancient forests, protect the oceans, and so much more. Today, they are over 2.8 million members strong, and are continuing to grow. They achieve all of this in a non-violent, peaceful manner and for this are respected worldwide. And for the people who believe that greenpeace is just a bunch a treehuggers; think again. We're just normal people who manage to think beyond our own selves, and give back to the world. Greenpeace has helped out our planet when it is in need numerous times, and is continuing to do so.
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door CodyML 11 februari 2009
Organisation who believe in the conservation of the earth and all living organic matter in it. Campaigners for animal rights, largely attempt in swaying governments. However ignorant governments usually don't listen.
greenpeace: stop pollution of sea's
government: *dump oil*
door moonlitfaces 29 mei 2005
The feeling of inner peace you get when you start smoking weed on a regular basis.

Also an organization of obnoxious hippies.
Jim: "So I walked right by Brad the other day and he didn't even mention the money I owe him."

Bob: "Yeah, he's been a lot less stingy ever since he found his inner greenpeace."
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door TheHereticTheory 1 januari 2011
Was once an organization of well-rounded human beings asking the world's governments to take care of the environment. However, it was quickly overtaken by communazis, and thusly became an anti-government organization, obsessed with lying to people, making shit up, and scaring them shitless in order to sign some fucking petition banning dihydrogen monoxide, or water.
50% of the world's species are not going to be extinct in the next 20 years. The logging industry is not destroying the planet. Global Warming will not raise the Earth's temperature by 15 degrees in the next 10 years. Learn your fucking facts Greenpeace.
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door My name 31 maart 2006
A lodo (low down) term for marijuana so people think you are cultured and matured, when you are really talking about pot.
-Yo, do you know where to go for green peace?

-Yea, it's $25 a gram, $60 an eighth.

-Damn, this better be some good green peace.

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door "Boston" George Jung 24 augustus 2008
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