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Feeling of intense satisfaction and gratification.
When Rebecca completed her dissertation, the overwhelming feeling was one of gratisfaction.
door cherryblossom 2 oktober 2007
23 4
A word meaning to have a feeling of both satisfaction and gratification.

Also, an awesome song by The Strokes.
I got a great feeling of gratisfaction while listening to "Gratisfaction" by The Strokes.
door IzeOfTheWorld 13 mei 2011
16 2
Something that is both gratifying and satisfying all at once
"I want instant gratisfaction"
door butlerfly24 28 november 2007
6 2
Similar to satisfaction but it is had by strictly female population. Commonly used in northern NJ, specifically sussex county.
I get my satisfaction while she gets her gratisfaction
door room718 25 februari 2010
4 3
Being greatful of being satisfied.
After eating out my girlfriend she expressed her gratisfaction with a blow job
door herbyhancock 3 december 2013
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verb. (GRAT-US-FACT-SHUN) 1. Achieving extreme gratification through some means of sexual satisfaction. 2. Pleasing one's lover through a means other than sex when one partner or the other is not particularly in the mood. 3.An extremely gratifying moment bringing someone great bliss.
IE: "Although my girlfriend was on her period, I achieved <i>gratisfaction</i> through prolonged oral pleasure.What ensued was a ginormous amount of spunk in her hair."

Video Game Usage - "You would not believe the amount of <i>gratisfaction</i> I had once our team finally pwned those campers."
door Malachi Macabre 23 januari 2012
1 1
A word combining both satisfaction and gratification the result being utter satiation. This word has sexual undertones.
I acheive gratisfaction while watching the OC.
door Cassandra Lori 11 augustus 2006
3 3