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well endowed, see joshua
joshua's penis is ginormous
door The Pimptastic Playa 21 februari 2005
Something so large that a standard English word cannot accurately communicate the size and scope, therefore the speaker must resort to the use of a combination of several words to describe the object. Used mostly to describe ideas and inanimate objects.
Tony Robbins head and ego is gi-normous.
door Azure 10 februari 2005
Big. Bigger than big.
"look at the size of that thing -
it's ginormous!"
door zaphod 22 mei 2004
Gigantic and enormous at the same time.
Did you see my ginormous score in that game?
door Anonymous 3 oktober 2003
A word created for losers who cannot express how large an object is with an already existing word in the english language.
Dude, I walked home with Victor and his house is frickin' ginormous
door Shinosuke_Kage 10 juli 2008
Something that is gigantically enormous.
That hamburger was gi normous!
door Ptowndizzle 11 maart 2009
Putting the word gigantic and enormous together. When something or especially someone is just big. Not a little fat they have to be for real fat, super fat.
My roommate drove me crazy all she did was sit around all day on her ginormous ass all the time.
door Ape A2 26 april 2007