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Acronym for Get Your Own.

Used in 1337speak.
n00b4evRz: lul i see u gots new html.
leetgeekz0rzer563: yarz. u liek?
n00b4evRz: o yez.
leetgeekz0rzer563: GYO biatch!@!!1111@!!
door Surruhhh 21 juni 2008
6 1
Get your own.

Use with 1337speak.

Also occurring when one presses random keys.
Nub 1: after dinner i shall wow
Nub 2: sno rly? it's always dinner with you isn't it :P
Nub 1: GYO! you heard.
Nub 2: -runs-
door Surruh 8 maart 2007
4 2
Get Your Own Swag
Quit tryin to cop my style. GYOS.
door SlateSTL 6 september 2011
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