If it is a girl named Frances, she will be the hottest babe you will ever meet, always smiling, really pretty, knows how to make you laugh, personality is incredible, full of surprises, very caring, always loyal, will basically be the coolest girl you meet. Rumor is she is awesome in bed and a huge flirt. Most guys will be way lucky to meet her but won't realize it until she is gone. Typically made fun of for her name but little does everyone know she has many secrets and is a total goddess.

If it is a guy named Frances, you best respect this dude because he will most likely be your boss someday.
Wow! you lucky a-hole you dated Frances?!

Frances is a keeper!

I need to find myself a girl like Frances!!
door kitchencat 26 juli 2009
Known to many redneck Americans as a terrified country just because they didn’t agree with Bush. I don’t agree with Bush, does that make me a scared coward? So before you hicks start condemning France, go read a history book. You’ll be surprised how much France has given us and helped us, from our very beginning.

I think Bush is retarded, I guess I’m cowardly Frenchmen too, eh?
France- smart country that didn’t want to get involved in our stupid war.

America- country lead by retard and hicks that think everyone who disagrees with them are cowards.
door Vote4Kerry 18 augustus 2004
1) A Western European nation. Located slightly beneath Britain, in most or all senses.
2) Produces nice wine.
3) Produces nice cheese.
4) Produces shedloads of nuclear weapons, which are happily tested on small Pacific atolls home to endangered species of fish and pygmies.
5) The number one source of irritation for the rest of Europe. This manages to go unnoticed by many Americans, who assume the continent is a single amorphous blob.
6) Also the number one source of contention for the United States, having replaced the Soviet Union.
7) Has an annoying accent.
8) Dislikes British beef. This, as theory and experiment have shown, is due to France's argumentative and overly vegetarian wussiness and has nothing whatsoever to do with life-threatening brain disease.
9) Dislikes Germany, for invading it repeatedly and being German.
10) Dislikes Britain for constant warfare, political disagreement and out of habit.
11) Dislikes the United States for its competition in the 'irritating accents' league table and also for having more nuclear weapons and cheese than France.
12) Dislikes.... well, most things, actually.
13) Is a thoroughly splendid country.
14) Is filled with thoroughly un-splendid French people.
"Oh hell. France has blocked the channel tunnel again."
door victorhadin 25 maart 2003
A country most poeple either love or hate. Some people are smart and see France is a very smart, beautiful and successful country, probably one of the best places to live in the world. Others (American dumbasses mostly) see it as a country full of wimps just because they surrendered during WWII (btw Germany never had full control of France, and the resistance was what helped the Americans even survive there) and because they didn't agree with Bush's idiotic invasion of Iraq. Fact is France has been one of the world greatest country and is one of th world's best culture. And just for the hell of it, France are the ones who saved America from getting their asses beaten red by the Brits, also he country who had control of over half of Europe. France has accomplished more than the US ever will.
If you are smart, you will recognize France for all it has done, if you are a dumbass you will hate it for doing what any other country would have done in its situation.
door GoFrAnCe05 29 maart 2005
A kickarse European country, joint third best in Europe along with Germany, after Holland (for its unlimited freedoms) and Sweden (for its unrivalled equality). The shining hope for Europe and all those who wish to stand against American dominance. Every French (and German as a matter of fact) person should be whole-heartedly proud of their country and their brave leader who's got balls bigger than the Incredible Hulk. This coming from a Brit, who is thoroughly ashamed of his country and its horrifically stupid leader.
Typical American conservative: Why didn't France join in our war on Iraq?
Liberal (of any nationality): Because it was illegal, immoral, unjust, unprovoked, based on lies and false information, globally unpopular and done just for money and oil.
Typical American conservative: No! no! America kicks ass! The French are pussies!
Liberal: (sighs) Why do I even bother?
door Robert Bavister 11 november 2004
The only western country that after WW2 didnt become an unofficial US state.
"Man...France sucks. The french dont like Bush, Hamburgers, fat people, ugly people, American english, capitalism, consumerism, huge SUVs and so many good things that improve our planet!"

" your right...Im going to germany, I heard after WW2, every girl bends over for an American or Russian !"
door NIKK3333 5 september 2008
A European country known to be one of the worlds centers of art and culture. However, lately France has undergone a bashing from the American westerners because of it's decision not to support America in an UNJUSTIFIED war on "terror". The American people have proven their stupidity by knocking France (Freedom Fries? thats the most pathetic attempt I've ever seen in my life) using past events such as WWII and such to prove that France "MUST" follow America's orders in an illegal war. Forgeting that in the past France liberated America, so doesn't that make it balanced?? Just cause a country doesn't go to war, doesnt mean their arrogant, look at the situation, look at why you were going to war in the first place, then once you realise that you were in the wrong, apologise for your arrogance.

Unlike all the other countries that went to war with america(and of course after they got blasted by terrorists, straight away pulled out - FACT: The reason to why so many people have been killed by terrorists is because of the fact that they went to war WITH AMERICA, if America never made up some bullshit war none of the other countries, e.g. Madrid, Bali, London would have recieved terrorist attacks and there actually would be some people living!) France was one of the only countries that basically told America "no, we're not going to war with you, we've actually analysed the situation, and well frankly, we know what your doing. Your continuing your daddy's work, what he could never finish, and plus to add to that, you have NO LOGICAL REASON to why your going to war, but instead you make bullshit accusations to why your actually invading a country, and when you cant find your answers (where there any WMD's??) you go and find something else that'll justify your bullshit actions.

I'm not going to post another anti-american blurb (although I do admit I do knock america in this but for good reason). But America, THINK. That's all I have to say, you can keep posting I hate france things, but think first. Are you doing the right thing? THINK TO WHY FRANCE DIDN'T GO TO WAR? If you were educated, you would realise that, I'm not saying your dumb, just educate yourself on that matter. Take these points in:
1. Was there an actual justification to the war in iraq?
2. Think this: Your president LIED to your people, he made fake accusations of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION to get your support on a war that claimed the lives of thousands of American soldiers.
3. Read over the WMD's facts: There were no WMD's found and there were no traces that any where here for a long time.
4. I understand 9/11 was a terrible event, but read over the connection that your president had with the osama bin laden family. He flew the family out the day of the attack, now how could he have known that is was their family that allowed the attack, hmmm connection there.
5. Connection: Bush rigs election, becomes president. 9/11 occurs, day of attack Bush flies osama bin ladens family out of the country, compliments of himself. War uses this as a frontier to base his "WAR ON TERROR" and attacks the country of Iraq, which had no connections to Osama bin laden or any other terrorist cell. Both the Bin Laden and Bush family make great profits off this war. Do you think 9/11 was staged? I'm not saying it was, but there is HUGE coincidences in there.
6. Now take this in, the french people understood this, that the war was unjustified and that it was just basically a reason to finish George Bush Snr's job and to steal the oil of the country. Now how can you call a country that actually ANALYSES a suitation cowards? That's SMART for you. The Shoot first and ask questions later technique never did anyone any good.
8. So don't confuse the war on terror with the war in Iraq. They are totally different things (although it seems Bush has tried to confuse the American people with making them the same). France doesn't not want to help find these terrorists and punish them, they just don't want to go to war with a different country for a totally unjustified reason. France NEVER said they would not help America find these terrorists and punish them, they told America that they would NOT go to war that did not relate ONE BIT to the connections they had on the terrorists.

Think about it, there are more definitions of how much France sucks than there are of terrorists, Osama Bin Laden, Husien etc. Read point 8 over again if you don't agree with me, but this is an educated view and I have analysed most perspectives upon it.
Stop all this hatred. America, wake up and realise. THINKING and KNOWLEDGE on the situation is your best weapon.
door AussieA 25 juli 2005
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