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Pertaining to Flowers and their use in design.
Floral Designer.
door UrbanFlorist 25 mei 2009
4 2
as in non-animal like
my reaction to the rabie shot was floral in silent ways
door fish are healthy 24 september 2003
6 6
Noun. Stimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips. Like "oral" but "floral", because of the flora that inhabit the vaginal canal.
He wouldn't give me floral, so I wouldn't give him head.
door karmaapolice 28 mei 2009
3 4
Someone whos arse is getting increasingly large because they're eating far too much cake in the office.
Have you seen her today? She's looking pretty floral!
door Jumble Sales 8 februari 2010
1 3
Fucking Todd over and making him move back to Kansas.
Mary's Floral
door Bob White 6 maart 2004
5 11