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A man who stands up for woman, and woman rights. Usually goes around preaching to other woman, or on facebook, about how other men just want sex, and how they cant be trusted. Usually gives speeches on multiple social medias about how woman deserve more respect.

BUT behind the charades, and the speeches, he is a hypocrite. He speaks of feminine rights, to impress woman, in high hopes to get lucky and hook up with a female, or get a girlfriend.

No specific physical traits, but usually lonely, hasn't had a girl in a countless years, and/or creepy.
*AT A PARTY; Dialogue between a group of males *
Guy 1: Man, I almost hooked up with a girl earlier! she was wasted!
F.C.(Feminist Creep): Bro, you shouldn't be doing that. Woman deserve more respect. You know she was drunk, why would you want to take advantage of her?

**10 minutes later; Dialogue between the F.C. and a Female**
F.C.: Hey, wanna take this shot with me?
Female 1: No thank you.
F.C.: Dont worry you'll feel better after a couple of shots.
Female 1: No thanks.
---F.C. Then proceeds to ask for hugs, high fives, and tries his best to get as much physical contact with the targeted female (Anything from the previous actions mentioned, to things such as lifting up the female.)
door Mitch Yang 1 september 2013
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