one of the most amazing and talented artists out there. he's earned his respect in the "rap community" more than anyone, and more than once. because of him we have 50 cent and D12. so what that he had help from Dr.Dre to make it in this world. he bases all his songs on past experiences. unlike many artists, eminem writes his own songs, and has earned a place in the "rap hall of fame" (if there even is one). he deserves all the respect and popularity he gets. And on top of being a rap phenominon, he takes the time to take care of three children (hailie jade- his own daughter, laney- his neice from an abusive family? and kims other 2 year old daughter).
eminem is the best and most amazing rapper and entertainer there is. he deserves every bit of respect that he has, and made his way from the top to the bottom of life. eminem ur amazing u practically saved my life!!
door WEEEEZER 14 augustus 2005
A multi-platinum rapper from Detriot, MI. Founded by muli-platinum producer and a former member of N.W.A-Dr.Dre. He's the great white American hope. Perhaps one of the best rapper to ever live on earth
Ladies and gentlemen we present Eminem
door Sam 14 maart 2005
The best rapper ever and he could kick the trash out of ICP and JA RULE
Eminem rips ICP to pieces in his songs and Ja Rule is a Pussy Ass Bitch
door Jerry 25 maart 2005
One of the most controversial rap artists who rose to fame in the late nineties. His songs are a combination of his two "identities", Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady. Marshall Mathers raps about issues he faced growing up in his life and how he approached them. Many teenagers can relate to some of the issues he raises in his songs, such as drug addictions, problems with parents, etc. Some of the more famous raps in this genre include Stan and The Way I am. Slim Shady, in contrast, is Eminems goofy side. Anything goes while Slim is rapping, he'll rap about anything and everything with no real message behind the music. Slim Shady appears in songs like The Real Slim Shady and Rain Man. Eminem is credited with the discovery of many prominent mainstream rap artists such as D12 and 50 Cent. Along with Dr. Dre, Eminem has created a rap label called Shady/Aftermath. He is often hailed as a man who took incredible steps in uniting urban and suburban cultures trough his music. Sometimes branded a wigger by some, Eminem has tried his best to shed this title, and has been backed up by other rappers in the industry who show their support for him and his music. Some consider him among the top five rappers in history. His earliest albums are also considered as his best work, with The Marshall Mathers LP considered legendary by many rap critics. However, it seems that lately Eminem has let politics interfere too much with his music, and may have lost some of his mainstream fan base because of that.
Yo man, I saw Eminem in Detroit a week ago.
door quiggler 3 augustus 2006
An extremely talented rapper. Straying from what has become the norm of "rap" today (pimps, hoes, money, guns, drugs ect. )His raps are creative, passionate and unique. Basically the only white rapper to actually make it big in this mostly black industy.
Eminem's style of rapping is incredible,
he is a genuis.
door Morgannn 30 maart 2006
the most successfull White rapper out there he don't take shit from no one else about him rappin' he just expresses himself so fuck any one who doubted him

eminem is a real time gangsta with a shady past but a bright future
eminem ain't scared of nobody he will gun anyone down in his songs but he is smart dat is why he ain't got no beef wit anyone besides Murder inc but there all gay ass niggaz
door ghetton16 6 januari 2006
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