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Very small town located in Connecticut. Most people found there are most likely preppy or smoke pot. And unfortunatly the people that aren't either have to deal with them.
I live in east granby, you know, where all the preps live
door ftyukhujniokmjvcftyuikmnjkiuyg 2 maart 2010

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granby boring connecticut east pot prep preppy stoner void
read: Granby Junior.
EG is fucking Granby Junior.
door Chris 22 januari 2005
A very small area in northern Connecticut with an abnormally high concentration of unbearably stupid people.

This is the place where fun, culture, and interesting, intelligent people who are markedly different from each other go to die.
Example should include the word "East Granby"
door Liam Gallagher's Eyebrows 29 december 2011