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A Word to describe something that another person has in there possession that you also have

also, combining Exact and Same
Bobby was walking his dog in the park, He sits down at the bench and sees someone across the park who has the EX'AME dog.
door Kyle Heger 23 augustus 2005
4 1
literally: 'exact same', except with a syllable cut out.
lindsay lohan, paris hilton- they're the exame thing, honey.
door shanipriya 13 augustus 2010
3 1
the combination and contraction of the words EXACT and SAME
Oh my Gosh that is the exact same shirt I have!!!

>>> Oh my Gosh that is the EXAME shirt I have!!!
door Dziubak 7 maart 2008
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exactly the same .. a combination of exact and same
We got the exame type of psoriasis on our mole!
door rob the rockstar 20 februari 2008
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Michelle Wilke and Faith Ramsey came up with back in 1980. Exact and Same. Exame
Those are the exame earrings I have!
door PapiBond 16 oktober 2008
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