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A freaking awesome artsy masochist.
I have no cool talents or fetishes, I am so not dupps.
door other L 7 juli 2009
20 1
The search for a sole peanut in a cardboard box filled with packing peanuts. Upon finding the normal peanut you ship it back to the sender and he will ship back a prize. Prizes can be anything the original sender desires to mail. In most cases it is chocolate coins, colored pencils, or miscellaneous office supplies.
Dude, don't dump those package peanuts! Dupp that!

You guys I'm telling you, I totally Dupped it! I'm gonna mail it back!

As a result of the Duppage, I got a stapler.
door novac024 25 maart 2009
4 1
Jamaican slang meaning best friend or comrad (usually male).
Raymond and Marlon a mi dupps
door Jerome McKenzie 31 augustus 2005
17 14
An opportunity at a location southernmost that shall not be missed or passed up by a dear friend.
Hey you idiot, take the dupp!
door JW 18 februari 2005
3 4
dat bwoy a dups
door anonymous 3 oktober 2003
5 20