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A select group of cities in Michigan, generally metropolitan Detroit. The cities are Taylor, Lincoln Park, Allen Park, Wyandotte, River Rouge, Melvindale, Ecorse, Woodhaven Romulus, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights,and Inkster. Though they're all different cities downriver consists of the same types of people. Teenagers that are either gangster, scene, indie,preppy or a mixture of everything. Downriver is considered a "lifestyle" by the teens that live there. Mainly the downriver teenager drinks too much, chain smokes, starts having sex at a young age, and starts experimenting with drugs at a young age also (especially marijuana and various prescription pills.) The young locals often hang around malls, go to shows which are concerts put on by no name bands at no name places, party at people's houses, and drive to "The D" to pick up weed. Everyone smokes Marlboro Menthol's, Red's, or Newport's, and weed is smoked out of blunts, usually grape flavored. The girls usually have nose rings, are too skinny, pale, obsessed with fashion, and often very promiscuous. The boys are school drop outs or just complete fuck ups, can almost never keep a relationship, have tattoos, are also very promiscuous, and they only date downriver girls. Parents are not your run of the mill parents, they often not only know of their child's behavoir, but supports it. Downriver parents will allow their child to smoke, drink, and go out 'till sunrise because they were downriver teenagers themselves. The cities vary in some areas though. Dearborn has a high arab concentration and is more about clubbing than house partying, the kids (whom are white, arabs aren't "downriver") have a bit more money and are into drugs like coke more than anything, but all the same are trashy. Taylor is sloppy and the people are definitely more blue collar/red neck than the others. Allen Park has more thug kids. Linclon Park kids are heavily decorated with tattoos, and piercing. Romulus consists of farmers. Inkster is almost 100% black, and the crime is unbelievably high. Wyandotte is probably the most decent, there's only poser gangsters. River Rouge is a desolate factory town that looks deserted. Ecorse is a part of Detroit, very rough. Woodhaven is decent, kind of a typical town. Melvindale, is squeezed between Dearborn and River Rouge and you could drive right through without even knowing it, it mainly consists of little bars and fast food places. and last but not least, Dearborn Heights, Dearborn's poorer younger sister, a lot like Dearborn just not as nice of houses and no cute little downtown area. So there you have it folks, theres a REAL definition of downriver Michigan "It's not just a's a lifestyle."
None of us are ever getting out of downriver.
door michigan knows 25 juni 2009
A metropolitan area in southeast lower Michigan consisting of working class suburbs that are located ' down the river ' from the city of Detroit. Population consists of middle to below income households of all races, but mostly white with a predominant Muslim community in Dearborn. Some of the early housing in the Downriver communities were quickly and cheaply built to house the influx of southerners who moved there to work in the once thriving auto industry of Detroit. Because of this Michigan is sometimes referred to as "The Mississippi of the North". For the record there is nobody famous 'from Detroit'. Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Eminem, ICP , Madonna and Alice Cooper are not from Detroit, but the SUBURBS that surround it. Crap floats right..and always downriver! *the 'burbs North of Detroit are always a lil' uppity because of that *
Kids who are trying too hard to have street cred will say they are from Detroit rather then admit they live Downriver.
door Yankeee 15 juni 2007
Downriver consists of cities in the Detroit metropolitan area. There is Romulus, Taylor, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Riverview, River Rouge, Wyandotte, Woodhaven, Southgate, Gibralter, Flat Rock. And basically the cities are this, Romulus: is either filled with neighborhoods of black people or White Cloud. Taylor is "taylortucky" and the rest are alright i guess.
I live in taylor tucky which is Downriver
door mlshoee 31 december 2009
Is when you go down on a girl, while she's on her period.
Dude, theres something red on your top lip. "Oh, shit i must of went "Downriver" on her."

I decided to go "Downriver" on her. And Shitted all over it...

door fearbeforfear 3 april 2008
An area south of Detroit, categorized by goth kids, obese people and collar poppers. These kids get beat up when they go out into the rest of the world. The only kids who survive are the ones who are on myspace.
"Yo, that beatdown was Downriver as fuck."
door Jon Matle 2 april 2006
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