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Why Denver is the greatest city in the world...

receives 300 days of sunshine a year, is the nation's most highly educated city with the highest percentage of high school and college graduates, brews more BEER than any other American city, has the largest city park system in the nation, is the "Baby Boomer" capital of America, is the 20th in the U.S. in population, but has the 10th largest downtown, has the nation's second largest performing arts center, citizens contribute more public funding for the arts per capita than any other U.S. city, has the thinnest residents of any U.S. city and according to a federal study, really is a mile high...
Do you want to go to the great city of Denver?
door Geddes 7 oktober 2005
The city with more dispensaries than Starbucks'. Full of winners.
Denver = Mile High City.. multiple reasons
door jesse6VSjen9 13 december 2010
The most awesome metropolitan city on the face of the earth.
Aurora is the best part of Denver!
door wtf_booger 13 juni 2005
Denver: The place where your face has 2nd degree burns for three months of the year and then everything dies and turns to brown dirt.
Cleveland Browns will be playing the Denver Browns in the Dirt Bowl!
door SDHolla 5 januari 2014
One of the best cities ever! Some of you guys who don't like Denver have only experienced the lame people. Which yeah there is a fare share of lame people, but thats just like any other city. Once you get past the lame asses you will meet some of the chillest and most unique people. Maybe ever thought the reason people drive so slow is that they are high? Colorado weed is the shit! Every city has their problems so stop baggin on Denver! And who ever said Denver was a party city? That doesn't make it any less cool.If you truley hate Denver then I am thinking you aren't even chill enough to be here.
Denver is so chill.
door iaughirauhgrieu 20 augustus 2008
A bad a** mother f*cker who is an average guy who gets all the women!
door Bobby hernandezzzz 8 januari 2012
Dope City of around 566,000 people (as of 2006) very segregated (Latins in the West, Blacks in the East/North East, White in the South and all around the burbs)known for the Denver Omlet, John Elway and is also where DJ Quik got his head cracked for talking sideways about a couple of gang bangers. He then went on to create that song dissing Denver. He squashed the beef though he comes to the city now and shows love. Lil Wayne and Juelz Santanna also dissed Denver after Juelz got robbed for his chain... The people are annoying as hell, stuck up, and narrow minded but some are nice as well. We have our share of good places (Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Hilltop) and bad places (Five Points, Park Hill, East Colfax, Montbello) but its just like any city in America...with the exception of all the bizzarre murders and school shootings
Denver where IM AT
BRUH DENVERs where Im at!
where u still a mile high when u steppin off the JET!
door Petey Tumz 20 april 2008

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