a slang term for a cigarette
I need a dag bro.
door Ineeda bonghit 1 oktober 2008
dutch for goodbye or hello.
door thecheesegodess 23 augustus 2003
Synonym to dog. The word was created by a failure named Brittney D.
Boy - Hey, you have a cool dag!
Boy #2 - Thanks! You have a cool dag as well!
door djpabz 31 december 2010
Cheap weed
Dude my buddy sold me some dag for 10 bucks
door heenanalpha 27 juni 2009
An exaggerated way of saying "dog", usually said in a mid to high pitch voice which eventually goes throughout the entire sentence.
Hey what's up dag?

Oh shit dag! That was insane!
door MadScientist69 13 februari 2009
When you are afraid of saying fuck!
Dag !, I forgot my homework!
door Charlie =) 2 april 2008
1)A word of all positive meaning.
2)Awesome, gnarley, sweet as hell, etc. etc.
3)The anthisis of dak
"Woah, I just pulled a back flip on my skis"
"That's so dag man"
door TheDuane 5 juni 2004

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