Dream Team Supreme
Hey man, those guys are a real DTS
door Captain Dicks 28 januari 2011
Down to shit.
Yo dog you DTS?
Fo sho my nigga!
Great you take the stall on the left, and I'll get the one on the right!
door lordofdoosh 3 januari 2011
Drift The Streets
Yo bro lets go DTS tonight.
door Balla' Status 7 november 2010
Down to scissor.
lesbian: damn, that girl is totally wasted, i bet she's DTS!
door gaygirl69 10 oktober 2010
Down to Smoosh
Yo that chick is DTS.
door backyardtees 27 september 2010
down to skype
Hey Steph, are you dts tonight?" "Yeah, sure. After dinner.
door frenchchickk23 7 oktober 2010
Abbreviation for "Down To Smoke"
Jeanette:Mariet, are you dts?
Mariet: of course!
door jeanetteeeeeee 11 april 2007

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