An abbreviation for Dis-Respect.

Created by Bro's in Y Town.
"Shit man, I Heard Paul banged Brittany while Mason was passed out on the couch next to him"

"Wow man, thats fucking DR"
#dr #dis-respect #dis #respect #bro
door Keenyay West 8 september 2008
abbreviation for dysfunctional retard or disfunctionally retarded
kevin: yo i think i have mad cow disease
mach: dude your so dr for saying that
#dr #d r #retard #idiot #dysfunctional retard #disfunctionally retarded
door machh 20 mei 2008
Short for Dick Runner. An individual who runs from one dick to another overnight. A male prosititute of sorts. Usually wears emo ear rings that look like horns, and often grabbes at testicals. These types of people can never be trusted, because of the large amount of STDs they carry. They prefer young men to little boys. Very little is known about them. Often they perform Tai Kwon Doe to increase there little boy touching stanima.
"Hey look at that DR over there trying to pick up that little boy@ Lets call the cops"

"Whos hand just grabbed my crotch? God damnit, another fucking DR. Now I gotta see the doctor to make sure I dont have AIDS"
#testical molester #anal intercourse #rusty trombone #a david richard #gay #anal
door PicklishBastard 25 mei 2006
dick rider.
*someone always commenting on your status, you reply*
man, you a DR.
#dick rider #dr #stop dick riding #you a dick riding #hop off
door q2w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o0 10 augustus 2010

1. Doctor
2. Dick rub
3. Drive
1. I've got a Dr. appointment at 6!
2. I've got a DR appointment at 6!
3. I want to go for a Dr.
#dick rub #dick #rub #frank #robert #drive #doctor #alex
door kovian 5 maart 2010
Contrary to the usual assumption of doctor these two letters stand for Date Rape, this term is an adjective to describe one who can only get some bez through Date Rape.

Damn homie, you one fat mofucker DR Doe
#date #rape #daterape #doctor #blowjob
door DRDankfatty151 26 september 2006
Multiple males performing sexual acts on a female.
Do you have a girl lined up cause I'd like to get in on that and DR her.
door GAUD 17 november 2004
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