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Used to express something that is good or surprisingly good. Also, used to express a feeling of confidence towards a certain subject, action or future action. As related to conversation, an expression used to define the worth of a comment.
1. Yo, when you hit that shot...Currency.
2. I have it in the bag, it's Currency.
3. Yo, that chick is Currency
4. Haha, thats mad funny. Currency yo, Currency.
door Mercedes Benz and MC Avninder 29 juli 2004
61 46
When something is good, sweet, gnarnia, etc. Usually used as a substitution for "money".

Also see: dollars
Denny's hashbrowns are so good. Shit's currency, dude.
door Chamby 5 november 2007
14 12
Slang for women's breasts.
Jennifer flashed her currency all over the bar
door joeyjoejo1200 26 september 2011
3 9
The word used when the act of ballin has accrued
i was shootin some hoops wit my g's and yelled out currency when i made the shot
door SNAH 25 april 2007
11 17