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Cornelius: a name typically stereotyped or given definition by persons not named Cornelius; who have never met a Cornelius; or who are jealous they are not a Cornelius. A Cornelius and his corresponding lifestyle can be used to profound and lasting effect, as no one ever forgets meeting or sharing a memory with a Cornelius. A Cornelius’ magnetic, effervescent and fearless persona is generally a product of having survived a lifetime of name abuse at the hands of blandly named, high-fiving d-bags named Mike, Phil, Steve and/or Rob. Cornelius’ generally enjoy expectations because they never disappoint. Little can also be done to stop a Cornelius once he starts talking, drinking, smoking, fighting, yelling and schmoozing, and rest assured, if you’ve made to back to Cornelius’ home after having met one, you’ve already made up your mind to make him breakfast.
Tiffany: So, I met this guy last night and the only way I could get him to shut up was to sleep with him.

Gisel: Was his name Cornelius?
door Mr. Dam 23 juni 2010
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a hot sexyyy guy that loves you for everything about you. may make fun of you at times but, if he realy cares he will kiss you or even make out with you in front of your or his friend. great kisser with big lips and abs. shy at times but loves attention so give him all you got.
cornelius just made out with me in front of this person. he is amazign!

i saw!!
door linkipohij 26 mei 2010
Nicknames: Corn; Corny; Gozillla (Due to their often times great height)

Appearance: Usually blonde, with the possibility of having white hair; eyes can change colours but will be mostly either blue, green, hazel or grey; Usually very tall, to the point of being called Godzilla

Habitat: Most Cornelius' will live in an urban environment/large, well-known city. Often times it will be in a distant, European country.

Hobbies: Annoying New Yorkers; Cruises; Being "one of those German guys"

Summary: Although they can be jerks, everybody who is lucky enough to know a Cornelius can never stay mad at one, loving them for many years to come
Emily: Gosh, isn't Cornelius such a jerk?
Meg: Yeah I guess, but I can't stay mad at him
door Iceyb129 3 februari 2011
A sex god who is attractive to both women and men.
Woah did you see that guy.
He's such a Corneliu
door whyarenttherecarrotpoptarts 28 maart 2010
A very handsome gentleman who is very kind and loving but has abnormally large balls but is still a great guy, but... he has a severe ear fetish. Don't get near him when he's horny, you'll most likely lose hearing in one ear, but he is very cute and is a very generous lover. But Cornelius is also most likely to turn out as some sort of porn addict or pedophile, or if the case of Corneliusitus is serious enough, maybe even a rapist. Corneliusis not a very good guy after all, now that I think about it. He is a menace to society, and needs to be locked away forever. But Cornelius is still a very kind, nice, and loving man, but needs to be hung publicly without trial.
Girl 1: "So how did your date go Amanda?"
Girl 2: "Not so great, I found out he is a Cornelius"
Girl 1: "Wtf is a Cornelius?"
door Carmelo Osperelo 29 januari 2015
Someone who thinks they're all that. Who enjoys peacocking through city streets showing off their great biceps and good looks that they're convinced they have.
Hey that guy is the most big headedest person I've ever seen!

You mean Cornelius?!
door Woodstock01 28 juni 2011
The practice of sequentially inserting each digit of your hand into a man's anus and then licking them clean.
"Let me prove how much I love you and give you a Cornelius."
door Jobble 9 oktober 2011

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