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How ganstas say you.
Sup wit chu tonite girl.
door tru wanksta 14 juli 2003
105 123
A form of communication only used amongst the springbreakers of Burnam Rd.
Do you want to come over and Chu before we go to Generic?

I just chu'd in my pants!

chuuu chuuuuu chuuuu ? ochuuu.

What do chuuu want from me? - Adam Lambert
door Nurse Jizz 15 juni 2010
9 30
The pimp way to say the word you. People with the name Daniel are unable and will never be able to say chu without sounding faggy!
yo, did chu got aids, lil jessica told me chu got it from that nasty chick from chem class.
door chumaster 22 januari 2010
14 40
the small quiet chinese kid in your class that dances for peanuts.
Ha look at the chu in the corner
door chulover69 27 januari 2009
51 87
a female sex organ
she wanted to have sex but i told her she need to save her chu first
door sallenb 16 februari 2010
7 48
young chinese woman who looks like man
"she looks like a chu"
door anime_hater 15 april 2009
9 65
(1)Prefix for any other word. Means Old, Large, and Evil
(2)Potential Rapist
(4)Grandmother to bastard son Vik, and the late Princess Fen
(5)Slang for Penis
(1) This bird is ginormous, it's a Chu-can!
(2) It's Ben Chu...HIDE!!! He's gonna rape us!!!
(3) This water bottle is chu-bottle...it's oppresive!
(4) When i grow up, i wanna be just like chu!
(5) Vik has a detachable Chu, it's huge!
door Chu dat 30 augustus 2006
27 110