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Chillicothe Ohio

A piece of shit town in Southeastern ohio where a bunch of fucking rednecks live and can't pronounce O-HI-O putting an inevitable "uh" at the end (Ohi-uh). They love incestuous relationships with their children and the whole city smells like a steaming pile of southeastern shit due to the smoke stacks that pollute the air with toxins that will deform your babies and kill off the population in no time. The mayor is involved in numerous affairs and fucks over the general population by installing red-light cameras turning the city into a speed-trap. If you don't die of the toxic nerve-gas acidic rain due to the paper mill you'll probably die of boredom, as the only thing there is to do in the city is have sex with your sister and shoot paintball guns at trailer parks.
Example of life in Chillicothe Ohio:

Person #1: Hey, wanna walk outside and sniff the air to get high?
Person #2: Sure, but not before I bang my sister.
door Chillimoemoe 1 februari 2010
A town in Ohio which unfortunately stinks of a fart because of
the Mead aka paper mill. However, it's still a great place to grow up if you like being completely bored on the weekends. Directly south of Columbus.Chilli for short.
I used to live in Frankfort, but then moved to Chillicothe.
door Kel Shinoda 18 oktober 2007
1. A small town in central Illinois, near Peoria. It Consists of great establishments such as: The Short Loin, Shore Acres Park, The Chilli Bowl, Blarney Castle, a classic Pizza Hut and a gas station I used to steal from when I was a kid.
2. The best place in America to get some McDonalds and feed french fries to birds next to the Illinois river.
3. A good place to drive to when you are bored and want to see where the legend was brought up.
4. A great area to live in in the '80's and play 8-Bit.
Jake BO: Hey B, why is that geek JC always so obsessed with talking about Chillicothe.
door JC 22 maart 2005
A Small Town in Central Ohio Filled With Wiggers Meth Head Pot Heads Crack Heads And Skater Douches that really dont have a place in the world so they reside at the city park lighting up one hitters and black and milds to act cool there is an alley which the dumber pot heads created 20 feet from the highschool to smoke hippie lettuce at called smokers alley Most people Hate they city as much as i do...
Guy 1: Ever Been To Chillicothe

Guy 2: Yea It Smells Like Dog Shit

Guy 1: Yea well at Least its Not Baindbridge
door Pvt Pumbaa 2 december 2010
Chillicothe is a small town in midwest/north Missouri. Its a great town to grow up but lacks much entertainment on the weekends. It is also known as the town of sliced bread. Also has MANY murals and is known for that.

Known as Chilli for short
WOW, growing up in Chillicothe was great, has a very nice school system but what to do on the weekends and summer vacation?
door mccoyjen09 8 september 2010
A small town in Missouri. The home of sliced bread and the Chillicothe Hornets. A place to go to raise your family and get stuck in a middle class job for the rest of your life.
Chillicothe, Missouri...The Home of Sliced Bread! GO HORNETS!
door MsMH 1 april 2008
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