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Fun person,hott, usually a girl, very flirtatious, awesome personality.
every man needs a girl like Char.
door Guy Amos 29 januari 2005
480 275
The Roman Goddess Of Blowjobs.
That Blowjob I Got Last Night Was So Good, It Felt Like It Was From Char Herself!
door MaddoggEros 12 april 2009
249 105
Char Aznable, character from the 1979 anime series Mobile Suit Gundam and its sequels, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam - Char's Counterattack. Also known as the Red Comet.
Char took out five battleships at the Battle of Loum!
door ShadowCell 5 augustus 2005
178 123
A girl who avoids chores and cleaning duties
"Char hasn't done the washing up AGAIN!!!"
door Dan Blueugfsuge 19 januari 2009
93 59
a cup of tea.
would you like a cup of char bill
door donsax 21 december 2006
97 70
A female that is partial to the 'bun' hairstyle on the very top of her head. That is, not the back of the head, but the very top, at the highest point hair can reach. This hairstyle is often accompanied with lazy-day clothes and no make-up, but exceptions are frequent for the mistaken few.
'did you see that girl's hair?' 'yeah, she must be a char'
door bunbrigade 2 november 2011
35 15
Nick name for a boy or girl.
Charlotte prefers to go by Char
door Char to the lottie 15 april 2006
118 100