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- Cycloptic Aids (CAIDS) this is where a gene at birth goes wrong and a baby forms one eye and many bumps around the face looking like spots. Sometimes these red bumps are mistaken for terrible spots.
- Caids is often when spots get infected and become black and release a yellow goo.
"Dude, what on earth has happened to your face!"
"Doctor told me, I have a deadly infectious disease called Caids"
"Oh dear I heard caids can only be fixed with laser surgery, but after they become black."
"I may aswell say they are a tattoo"
door Aaman sonita 12 november 2013
4 0
Having Aids, and Cancer at the same time.
It's not looking good, it seems he has caids and there is no cure.
door William Hagemann 24 juni 2005
49 14
The Canadian version of AIDS


How you can tell if the person is infected with the disease:

-Resides from Canada or any place along the US border such as Washington

-Extreme passion for maple syrup

-Constantly flooding the US economy buying jeans

-Acts like a moose in strange situations

-Primary diet is Starbucks, Cookies, Toast, Granola bars, Pop tarts, Etc.

-Usually is seen at a Starbucks or driving a Volkswagen Jetta

-Has an awkward collection of Canadian flags
Joey:"What is wrong with Taylor??"

Martess:"I think she has CAIDS..."

Joey:"Thats sad..."
door Joebear and Mar Mar 8 maart 2010
37 29
Canadian AIDS!

Uncontrollable "eh?"
Uncontrollable bowel movements.
Diarrhea of the mouth.
Playing too much hockey.
Pimping out your MySpace to make it look Canadian.
"What's up, eh?"

"Eh? Are you Canadian now?"

"No, it's just my CAIDS."
door Astroman006 27 februari 2009
15 13
Cold that makes you feel so sick and tired, you think you have aids.
Damn, I'm so sick and tired, I must have caids.
door Verb Ninja 13 december 2012
1 2
The deadly fusion of Cancer and AIDS. This disease was introduced to us by (generic names) Katie. Katie asked Josh (also a generic name) if he had it and replied with a "hell yeah I do." Resulting from this answer, Josh has recieved this disease. It is currently uncurable. If you are looking for more information about the CAIDS, there is no information on the internet because it is secretly being hidden by the government.
Me: Do you have CAIDS.
You: Yes I do CAIDS.
You = CAIDSed
door Not Stanly 10 september 2006
16 18
(Computer Aids) When your computer gets and untreatable virus and has to be severely treated or even wiped!
"Ah, lost all my data today man"

"really why?"

"My pc has the caids!!"
door PezanostrA 6 mei 2010
3 6