Term originates from 1980's. Originated at Braintree High School,South suburban Boston, used to address a fat ugly slutty girl from Quincy.
Not only is she fat and ugly, she's a slut, a Boo-hog.
door freeforall 19 mei 2006
Top Definition
Term of endearment among friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. Often used in place of other words for humor, much like was done in the 80's cartoon, the Smurfs. The term Boohog can also be shortened to "Boo" and occasionally "hog", however "hog" may be considered derogatory in certain subgroups and is best reserved to intimate gatherings.
"Where did I leave my keys?" would now become "Where did I leave my Boohog?" An example of a term of endearment would be "Happy Birthday, Boohog!"
door Boohog Preservation society 3 december 2013
A chubby party girl of rather easy virtue, who is fun to hang out with at bars and parties. Boo-hogs are not attractive, but not entirely unattractive either. Their preferred beverage is either beer, or more beer. On certain nights, when one finds one's beer goggles firmly attached, and in the absence of other more desirable sexual prospects, a boo-hog can be the object of a quick, mutually satisfying encounter. However a boo-hog rarely makes for good girlfriend material.
Well boys, the bar is slow but at least the boo-hogs are out tonight. Let's go buy Katie and Margie a half-dozen pitchers and see where the evening leads us.
door Cleopatra Schwartz 18 januari 2012
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