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A word used to describe a person who says something thats sorta funny but not like really. It is generally used nowadays in a sarcastic context.
Hurricane Dan - Hey Pete, what does NBC that stands for? NEVER BELIEVE YOUR CONTRACT!!! HAHAHA!!!
John the Miz - That kid is a Barrel of Laughs
Meater W - He's a barrel of something
door aJDnamedDREW 9 mei 2010

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An unfunny or annoying person.

The term was originally used to refer to a funny person or situation, but is used sarcastically so often that the original meaning is all but lost.

Similar to laugh riot.
Yeah, he's a regular barrel of laughs. Shoot me, please.
door Lady Chevalier 11 mei 2005
a lot of fun, a person who makes you laugh
Let's invite Chang to our party. He's a barrel of laughs.
door VAKI5 9 mei 2005