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I'm making this just in spite of all the other definitions :D

Someone who doesn't believe in god.

Most respect others opinions and have EXTREMELY religious friends.
Stevie the atheist: "There is no God"

John the Faith-nut: "How did the universe happen?"

Stevie- "The big bang you idiot!"

John- "What caused that to happen?"

Stevie- "Definitely not god."

John- "Why"
Stevie - "Who created god?"
John- "ummmmmmmmmm"

(Nazi?) Atheist 1 -There is no god. We are all animals. Kill the Jew dogs.
Atheist 2-If humans aren't animals than what are we?


Faith nut-I'm gonna be pretentious and call Atheist communists while I'm the actual communist trying to abolish others beliefs for THOUSANDS OF YEARS!

Religious person: Atheist killed thousands!!!!!!!
Atheist-Stop making up facts. Wars are still going on about who's god is better and BILLIONS are dead. If god was real and had a plan for everyone than nobody would be atheists or have other religions. Please stop being an ignorant jerk.
door bestfriendswithbibleclubprez 21 oktober 2010
Someone who believes only in reality.
An Atheist is someone who believes in things that actually exist. Scientist.
door TXskeptic 7 juni 2010
One who does not believe in religion or a diving being.
door AtheistJew 9 maart 2009
Someone who does not believe in any God and often paranormal activities.

Also, judging by the other definitions posted on here, they are people that come under a lot of flak from believers.
Some people say Atheism is the Belief in nothing and some say it is a lack of belief.

Its the atheist's choice really.

Simple as.
door mandalore cody 28 juli 2008
An atheist loser is what most atheists are. You only have to look at the first definition to see how insulting and bigoted atheists are. If you want to see more hate and intolerance displayed from them, simply look at the definition of God on this site where they insult not only Christians but everyone who follows a religion.

Contrary to the atheist loser's claims, not all Christians curse everyone to Hell and if they do curse the atheist loser to Hell, it's only when the atheist loser starts resorting to childish name-calling because they have had their atheism theory debunked (as usual).

The world is fucked with religion, it would be chaotic without religion. If you want to see a civilization without religion, look at the Nazis who would led by their atheist leader Hitler who persecuted people of many religions (Jews, Christians, Sikhs). You may also want to look at Stalin and the Atheist Soviet Union who killed thousands in the name of atheism.

Atheism hasn't a single inch of evidence to vouch for it. Logic agrees that creation had to come from something and even The Big Bang theory (proposed by a Catholic priest) agrees with creation and states that the universe hasn't always existed.

It's more logical to assume that God guided the creation of the universe (hence why we see so much order and design) than to believe that the universe came from nothing which somehow managed to "think" and guide everything to form stars and planets.
Another example of an atheist loser is someone who is so offended at the idea of being designed that they aggressively attack all religions and ideas of God because they are content with believing that they are random accidents brought about for no reason. In theory, atheist losers hate themselves which is why they like to assume that everything was an accident.

98% of all atheists are atheist losers. The other 2% are mature respectable people who understand that there are many religious people are just as equally as decent.

Atheist loser: You dumb ass Christian! You believe in a fairy tale! FUCK YOU! You're brain dead! Ha ha ha ha!

Muslim: Not everyone who believes in God is a Christian and no, we that worship God do not believe in fairy tales. It is more logical to assume that God created the universe than to assume that it came from nothing. Give me one example of where nothingness or where chaos produces anything that shows design and order.


Christian: Ummm, no you don't. Give one example of where science debunks God.


Muslim: Atheist loser.
door ddfgdffd 18 november 2013
A person who holds a positive religious belief in a spontaneous, causeless, sourceless, purposeless and objectively meaningless existence.

Existentially, they often believe that at the origin of the Universe there was nothing, and that nothing exploded - creating everything; before a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself, for no reason whatsoever, into inexplicably self-replicating parts, which eventually developed into intelligent beings with inexplicable (or at least incomprehensible) capacities for reason, ethical judgement and aesthetic awareness...

As Xenocrates stated; “Without proof, belief is still belief – even if you believe in nothing.”
Some atheists of renown include Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and Stalin.
door Mindless Philistine 4 september 2010
One who does not have imaginary friends.
My friend just spent an hour and a half trying to communicate with his imaginary friend whom he thinks can somehow help him get laid. Poor bastard. Should be an atheist.
door Mike the Ekim 9 oktober 2008