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The bro dudes are the most worthless of the human beings. They hunt in packs, and are rarely seen in the wild alone. The bro dude loves axe body spray, and has a particular fondness for the Jägerbomb.

Bro dudes can be found at local bars for "wing's night", at the mall near the american eagle outlet store, as well as front row during nickleback concerts. Brodudes also have a fondness for Buckcherry, and other useless pop music. The bro dude can also be found at your local gym, spending more time talking to the other brodudes about how fit they look, than actually lifting any weights.

Brodudes are characterized by the smell of Axe Body Spray, ridiculous popped collars, live strong bracelts and wristwatches. One knows they are in the vicinity of a brodude simply by listening for their quotations of Dane Cook, as well as quoting: "Do you know how I know you're gay!?".
While seemingly dangerous, the brodude is actually harmless, as they spend most of the time in the mirror doing their faux hawks, they are usually pretty tuckered out by nightfall.
Example A:
Person A: "Hey man, what's that smell?"
Person B: "Fuck dude, that's axe body spray, you know what that mea..."
Bro dude: "JäGERBOMBS!!!!!"
Person A: "Oh fuck..."

Example B:
(Overheard at a local gym)
Bro dude A: "I totally benchpressed 250lbs today. *Chest Bump*
Bro dude B: "Fuck yeah man, but you're still a fag"
Bro dude C: "What are you two girls ragging about?"
Bro dude D: "You know how i know you fags are gay?"
door treetopbliss 21 juni 2009

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