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21 definitions by phmns51

Wet pussy that won't burn your dick with an STD.
My woman has that aquafina, that holy water. That's why I always hit it raw.
door phmns51 10 februari 2014
Brick city is east coast lingo referring to something being cold.
Going out to burn a 'rillo? You're gonna need a jacket, because it's type brick city out there.

That bull is cold type brick city.

That bad bitch ova there is type brick city.
door phmns51 17 januari 2014
No homophobe is a phrase added at the end of a phrase to ensure that it's not taken in a homophobic way.
Similar to the term "no homo".
Yo, that's gay, no homophobe.

I'm down with gays. No homo...and no homophobe.
door Phmns51 1 december 2013
Locust is weed that's loud & exotic.
AK47 Trainwreck, Girl Scout cookie, purple, kush, sour diesel, grand daddy o g kush are all types of weed so loud they buzz like a plague if locust.

The urban dictionary editors are proli smoking a 'rillo of locust right now, which is how they were too high to approve this definition last time. Turn down for what UD? To approve this term already smoked by John the Baptist.
door phmns51 8 februari 2014
A drinking holiday term for Christopher Columbus Day. Sambuca, an Italian liquor is the drink of choice.

It's similar in concept to calling thanksgiving "turkey day".
It's Christopher Columbus Day, I'm going hammer, mixing 151 with the 'buca, cause it's sambuca day ya bish.

I get turned up on skrillex and flaming shots for sambuca day, the best part of Columbus discovering America.
door Phmns51 28 oktober 2013
Generally used as another term for being extremely high.

Commonly a reference to being high on cocaine, which is known as "snow".

In Florida area is a prevalent reference to being so high on crypy that the brain feels frozen stupid.
I twisted up a game, sprinkled on some powder, I'm bout to get frosted.

On sambuca day, I turn up to skrillex , a cup of 'buca and get straight frosted.
door Phmns51 27 oktober 2013
1.) an action describing whenever you straight murk something.
2.) a term similar to going h.a.m.
"yo snupe, go hammer on this track one time"

fall back, before i go hammer on you niccas.

on sambuca day I'm going hammer, starting with a black bitch, purple haze and every fucking sambuca drink listed. cause skrillex makes me go hammer all day.
door phmns51 18 oktober 2013