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4 definitions by ohhfiasco

when you are so drunk that you think you laugh normally but you actually cackle
There is always one cackledrunk girl at each party.
door ohhfiasco 24 november 2009
18 5
what you say when you feel like shortening the word "vocabulary" but you don't want to say "vocab"
I like to go on urbandictionry to expand my ulary.
door ohhfiasco 3 februari 2010
2 1
referring to a type of pasta covered in testosterone, can be topped with estrogen sauce
(really mad guy starts yelling)

"Who ordered the testosteroni? Someone should slip him some estrogen sauce."
door ohhfiasco 16 december 2009
7 7
when a girl has a muffin top as a result of eating too many english muffins
By golly, that girl with the english muffin top has been eating english muffins all day long!
door ohhfiasco 3 februari 2010
33 180