26 definitions by mm

When the a man's "wang" slips out of his pants accidently.
Johnny had a wang slip!
door mm 12 februari 2004
A gashed penis
I tripped on a fence and ksyruped myself.
door mm 26 maart 2003
Darn. A word to show detest or slight to extreme anguish.
I got an F on that English test. Dag!
door MM 15 maart 2005
the smoothest way to say 'shit' when you're out with the ladies. you gotta say it slow or it isn't going to work for you.
baby walks right up and you say: she...
door Mm 1 december 2003


He sucks
door MM 24 mei 2004
The biggest whore you'll ever know
you are such a benjo!!!
door mm 23 december 2004
when a rob gives a or does somebody a job, maybe with pay
door mm 10 mei 2003
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